Wednesday, May 27, 2015


A lot of people have been asking where they can find the #COLBYDOESAMERICA videos. I didn't realize that a lot of people were coming here for that info and that they might not be getting the IndieGogo updates. Sorry!

So far there are six #COLBYDOESAMERICA edited and live at Just look for the state flower projected in color on me, then click!

Here's what's live so far:

I'll try to keep this blog updated each time a new video goes live (right now I'm still in the land of good Wi-Fi, so it's easy to post) so check back for news!

Big Colby Hugs!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Thanks to "friend of Colby" Tony Perez for sharing this great #CockyCon footage!

Monday, May 25, 2015


I haven’t been blogging much lately, I know. But it’s tough to maintain anything even close to resembling a schedule when you’re busy fucking your way across America (28 states filmed and counting!) I never know when I’ll even have good cell coverage, never mind a decent Wi-Fi connection. It’s been amazing seeing this country and meeting people from so many walks of life. I've been truly fortunate to have met so many generous and fantastic people and I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has donated time, money, participation, or support to #ColbyDoesAmerica.

(Photo: | IG:

Filming is still going strong (I'm in Chicago for a few more days to cross Illinois off my list, then off to cover more of this great nation!) and we have now have 6 videos (Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Oregon, and West Virginia) available for viewing  at Lately, though, I've been wondering about something I've encountered  more than once that totally baffles me: the non-hookup hookup. I'm not talking about catfishing (that’s a completely different kind of evil), I’m talking about the guys who go to the effort to set up a Grindr or Scruff profile, make an online connection, actually show up to the agreed upon location… and then fall flat, so to speak. I mean, I get that shit happens. And if it were a one-time (or even two-time) thing, it would be easy enough to chalk up to being a fluke. But I gotta tell you, it’s beyond frustrating to encounter the same thing often enough to wonder – what the hell?

In the aftermath of the Grabbys and IML, Chicago is teeming with hordes of horny, available men, right? Boners around every corner. So what’s with guys trying to hook up when they either can’t get it up, or can’t keep it up? I'm talking about young guys here, too. So is the problem too much sex already? Too much drugs? Too much alcohol? Lack of attraction? I mean, I’m pretty sure I look exactly like the selfie I took less than an hour ago. I know a lot of people have already seen me fuck (is that the problem, maybe?), but I'm still just a guy who likes to get laid. I guess my question is: why get online for sex, when you either can’t or aren't actually into having sex?  I'm not saying it happens all the time (#ColbyDoesAmerica would come to a pretty quick demise if that were the case), but  I do have to wonder. Nothing is more awkward than having to ask guys to leave your hotel room because they can’t get it up or they can, then can’t cum. Anyone else experience this oddity?

I know there are tons of guys out there who love to fuck as much as I do. Come on out and let’s leave these other guys to waste someone else’s time.  I've still got a lot of states to cover, so if you want to get involved, hit me up at bigshoediaries at gmail dot com!

Friday, March 13, 2015


So, before I had my instagram account deleted for the umpteenth time, I was chatting with an awesome artist in Albequerque about collaboration for a COLBY DOES NEW MEXICO video . . . and now I can't find him.  If you are he, or know who he might be, please get in touch at bigshoediaries at gmail dot com ASAP. I'm in NEW MEXICO NOW!!!


Our friends at Gawker are just as obsessed as we are at Big Shoe Diaries. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Shortly before both Instagram and Facebook kicked me to the curb, I was communicating with a fan about the prospect of a Colby Does Hawaii video.  If that's you, please hit me up at because I don't have access to those messages anymore and can't even
look you up (frustrating!!!).

Saturday, January 31, 2015


It's been brought to my attention that there are some fake profiles on certain online dating apps (ie. Grindr, Scruff) claiming to be me and asking for $$ to join a streaming site.  If you've seen the below profile, in Indiana or other parts of the country (I think the person is following my actual feeds - Twitter: @ColbyKeller Instagram: @kolbyceller Facebook: Colby Keller), then it is fake.  The only thing I'm using these hook up apps to find is models for the project in the towns I'm visiting.  The Colby Does America videos, which are currently close to being halfway filmed as the 25 number is close at hand, will eventually be hosted at

I'm sorry if you've been targeted by a fake Colby.  I wish we could create a safe word like the one I used to have with my mom in case she sent someone else to pick me up after school.  Sadly, this perpetrator would probably figure that one out.  All I can say is "imitation is the highest form of flattery. . . " - oh and, whoever you are, you are committing a felony and the authorities have been notified.