Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Working with Joe Gage & Ray Dragon

Just finished a great weekend of shooting with my favorite director, Joe Gage. Lots of fun on the set and it was all filmed (suprisingly) in one of my favorite east village gay bars (can you guess from the pics?).

Reconnected in one scene with my NYC bud, Sam and met some hot new guys in a three way scene on the second day. Thanks again to all my friends/fans in NYC for playing such great hosts! I can't wait for this new film to come out.
(Ray Dragon, me, Joe Gage)

Joe even mentions working with me on his blog!!! Thanks for the support, Joe!

(Max, me, Jaden)


  1. Oh man. I haven't seen you since that hot groom/father-in-law scene Joe mentioned in his post! You're one handsome, furry-faced fella I can't wait to see your new Joe Gage flick.

  2. thanks, dwight! it's a scorcher. you know how those new york city boys are....

  3. Colby, almost every scene you do is a scrocher! :)

  4. Wow. Loved the blog. Not vey updated but I can't say much as sometimes mine ins't too.
    And just for the records: I think you are hot!
    Kisses from London

  5. Thanks, Kaio! Had a busy month with lots of shoots in NYC, SF and LA. Will be posting some more stuff soon but just found out about the Massive Studios film, Bad Cops going up. Check it out!

  6. I can't wait. you are my favorite actor and Joe Gage films are my favorites to watch. It was on one of his the first time I saw you. So I am looking forward to this