Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I also got to meet up with one my favorite West Coast models, Conner Habib.  We shot a fun scene together for my favorite new studio, DominicFord.com in 3D.  I'll keep everyone posted for when the video is out but here's a quick shot of me and Conner messing around with each other after the scene.  The last time I worked with Conner was in a hot 3way so it was exciting to get him all to myself this time!

Oh, and be on the lookout!  Dominic Ford gave me some more great DVDs for anothe fun giveaway.  I had so much fun with the last one that I can't wait to post another Colby Keller Trivia Giveaway.  They went fast last time...


I've had a great vacation so far in NYC.  One of the many museums I like to visit while in town is the New Museum.  This time I went to see the Urs Fischer: Marguerite de Ponty exhibit and it was surprisingly fun, especially because of this mishap with the elevators that was a bit surreal.

In a mostly empty room, we came to realize that the "art" on the wall was the wall itself.  It was a large blown up photograph of the wall from the last de-installation, remounted to the wall as a photo.  As I realized this I also noticed that the elevator was stuck between floors and that people were being lifted out by maintenance staff one at a time.  It took me several minutes to realize that this was not part of the exhibition but an actual problem.


Sorry you haven't heard from me lately. Its been a fun and relaxing holiday in NYC. I've been eating well visiting museums and catching up with lots of old friends. I'll start posting more regularly in the New Year. In the meantime, check out this fun article at QueerClick in which Chinpoko rates a Randy Blue scene with me and James as his fourth favorite hot scene of the year. You'll have to scroll down to January 27th (any bright tech folks know how I can freeze a link to where I want you to scroll-quick learning curve here?).

Thursday, December 24, 2009


This is a very hot scene with my buddy, Jake Steele. We'd met before so it was hot to put some of our chemistry on the camera. Enjoy the preview and be sure to check out the scene in 3D at DominicFord.com!!!


I love NYC. It's just so diverse. Ran into my friend Calder who was crazy fun dressed up in his Christmas costume and then saw a bagpipe/african drum duo in the subway. So many ideas and cultures slamming into and celebrating each other here...oh, and so many beautiful men. Pics of those soon...


The amazing BOLT bus drops off at 33rd and 7th in NYC every time I take it. It's an amazing deal for people wanting to travel up and down the east coast at a fraction of the cost of the train, complete with WIFI, plugins and expanded leg room (at 6'2") that's a big plus for me. What I love about the drop off point is that it's right in front of an old peep show business called "Peep World." It's fun to think about the way to adult industry works now in the context of what it's less visually appealing origins were. I mean, think about it, the age of Randy Blue's High Definition Stud Shots had their origins in seedy little places like this in NYC, LA and off the interstate in nowhere Kansas. Kinda crazy huh?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I've been seeing cock in everything lately. I'm not sure what's up. I don't think I'm a sex fiend (despite being in porn). I think it's just fun. Sex is fun and when thoughts of sex surface in unexpected places...well, all the better.
So, I chuckled heartily when I purchased a milkshake from Burger King at a crappy rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike and the girth of the straw popping its way forcefully through the lid hole reminded me of some of the bigger cocks I've taken in my time.

It's a REALLY THICK straw. Look at it!!!


This is a piece I did in felt a couple of years ago as a study for a larger piece I did of a hunter proudly displaying his successful kill of three deer. I had to re-do the face several times to get the proportions right and I liked the way this face came out. It was "too hot" to work for the piece but I like it on its own on my wall.


A huge amount of gratitude goes out to one of my favorite fans, Charles. He was such a big fan that after I started doing work for Randy Blue, he started his own fan site at www.colbykeller.com and put up some fun links to work I'd done there, hoping I'd eventually develop more of an online presence. Well, now that I'm starting to grow my blog and working on developing more original content, he gladly transferred the URL to me. A huge hug and boner going out to you Charles. Hope you like this homemade photo of me on a chair in my apartment.

So, in the near future, I'll be relocating my blog to www.colbykeller.com, but not just yet. ;)


Remember to wrap your packages this holiday season!!! I'm packing for my big horny Xmas in New York City now!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I came across a great video last night with footage of a male beauty pageant in Tawain. Mr. Bolivia, Juan Bruno Kettels took home the crown. The video has great scenes of Juan Bruno getting dude-hugged by his fellow competitors and of course a sexy swimsuit competition but I'm curious about the Mr. International organization and how they come about deciding on norms of beauty. It looked kind of boring (despite all the hot guys).

It makes me think about a great documentary I saw this summer about the Miss Navajo pageant. In addition to traditional beauty, contestants are judged on their proficiency in the Navajo language and their ability to fully gut and cook a sheep while making fry bread at the same time. It was like a crazy reality-tv show and a lot more exciting to watch than a Miss America pageant.

I know the Mr. Croatia competition includes a boxing tournament and I think male beauty contests should think about going the direction of Miss Navajo. Proving yourself in a challenging task is, to me, a much more solid expression of beauty.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Hey guys-what a fun adventure the 3D Porn/Colby Keller Quiz/Giveaway was! Thanks to DominicFord.com for the DVDs and glasses. And to everyone for all the posts about your favorite scenes. The winners' DVDs are in the mail...courtesy of 3D Santa!

Hearing about some of your favorite scenes was a definite turn-on and reminded me of some sexy/funny behind-the-scenes stories that accompanied many of the mentioned shoots. I'm going to address all the "Favorites Comments" individually over the course of the next month with video logs of stories that you might find interesting. That ought to be fun right? Me talking awkwardly about the past?

I'm off to NYC for the holidays, but hope to be blogging and tweeting (@ColbyKeller) while I'm there!


My buddy Jasun in L.A. runs a great website called GayDailyHot and has "interviewed" me a couple of times during shoots. I posted the behind-the-scenes footage last week and this is the second part where I get interviewed while lying down and stroking. It's kind of fun.


This comic in this week's New Yorker made me laugh out loud when reading it. I don't know if any of you have ever been in a relationship where you share EVERYTHING, but I have there are great moments that can be incredibly frustrating. Having worked in porn, sex and the sex industry are a part of who I am and what I bring to a relationship. There are guys who are turned on by this and some who aren't comfortable with it....and then there are those who are so excited by it that it's the only thing they seem to be attracted to in me.

If you can't read the comic line it says, "You've just been copying things from my sex diary into your sex diary."

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Check out this fun holiday message from me and Spencer Reed! And after watching the video, answer the Colby Keller quiz to win some free porn from DominicFord.com!

DominicFord.com is this great new company I've been working with in NYC and they are doing what I think is some of the only 3D porn on the net. They also do 2D and HD so you don't have to have 3D glasses, but if you want to see some 3D cock in 3D ass...it's your site! And, they were nice enough to give me some products to give away for Xmas! This is where you come in....Want some free porn? Answer the Colby Keller Porn History quiz!

I've got six DVDs (3D glasses included) and a few 3D glasses to give away independently. Since this is my first giveaway, I think I'll make it easy (Short Essay Question). What was your favorite Colby Keller porn scene and why? Answer the question in the comments and in an email to me at BigShoeDiaries@gmail.com so that I can get in touch with you about mailing the DVDs or glasses. As long as your answer is accurate (as in, a scene I've actually been in), you're a winner. First Come First Serve...ok rack your porn history brains!


Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey guys- So, here's a bigger hint at some of the new work I've been doing with a great new company in NYC. This trailer is hot and visit the Manarium site for more pics!!!


...OF SNOW!!!

We're in the midst of a beautiful winter storm right now on the East Coast. I braved the weather this morning to head to the gym and pick up some "necessaries" for a party later tonight and took some photos out and about. There were few cars, tons of snow fights and sledders and lots of adults making snow angels. Love when our lives are shut down so that we actually have fun! Hope everyone else is playing in the snow right now too and not reading my silly blog, unless you live in LA and are deciding which tank top to wear to the club tonight. ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey all - so, I was in NYC this past weekend for two shoots with fun new company. I'm still going to keep you guessing because I want to write a separate post about their website. They also gave me some cool gifts that I'm going to give away to blog readers that are interested - so keep posted for that.

I had two scenes. I topped sexy Jake Steel (pictured with me) for one and bottomed for stud Spencer Reed in the other. Both scenes were a lot of fun and went really well. As some of you may know from watching my films, I can get pretty loud when I'm having sex. It's part of my enjoyment of the sex act. And it's rare that I'm upstaged in this department. So I was totally caught off guard at this studio by my unseen "scene partners" who were making as much of a racket as me and the boys...the studio was also home to a couple of beautiful birds. I'm no ornithologist so I have no idea what kind of birds they are, but it was really fun having some extra help as we did the deed.


Hey guys-

Just back from NYC late last night for a great set of scenes with a new company in NYC. Will be posting some pics and details later tonight. In the meantime, check out this hilarious new app called FapMapper where you can post and map all the dirty details of sex/masturbation deeds. So far there are only a few posts per city, but I think this might become a really fun diversion website.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


hey guys, so there's a very fun hot "behind the scenes" video, about 3 minutes you can watch from one of my recent shoots with cocksuremen. i don't know about anyone else, but i'm kind of a fan of rockettube. you can also watch a more in depth "Trailer" from my cocksuremen scene with Dakota Fanning (oops, i mean Dakota Rivers).

oh, and hello from NYC. my first scene today went awesome with jake steel, such a little hottie and his deep voice as he begged me to fuck him harder...we got a little carried away... ;) more on that later......

Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, I barely got my size 14s on the ground and two nights in my own bed before I'm headed off to NYC for some shoots with a new company. I'm really excited about this one, but I don't want to give it away before it's available. Here's a hint: The company uses a film technique that's been around since the 1890's.

Oh, and like any reasonable person, I love NYC. I have some great friends there and LOVE the museums. Some of you may know that I'm a visual artist so it's always great to check in with the art world and see who's playing at what. And, I'm super pumped about the samurai show at the Met - rocking!!!


So, the shoot I just did in SF was incredibly hot. Conner Habib and Girth Brooks are really cool guys. Conner's bright and sexy with a great ass, not to mention getting his phD, and Girth is just this very down to earth straight guy with a really thick dick...how many other types would I need to have sex with to be happy?

What I loved about this film is that it's recession porn. We've all been hurt by the recession, from state/local governemnt employees to college staff/faculty and even the porn industry. Cuts are being made, budgets tightened and so.......why not make a porn about it? In the scene we've all been laid off and to vent our frustrations, Girth and I take turns pounding Conner's ass. It's hot. Very verbal and lots of spitting. I get so turned on that I take ride on Girth's monster while I'm still fucking Conner-sandwiched between two former MassHoles - hot! The cum scene is out of this world. We better get a GayVN nomination for this one.
Conner is covered in his, mine and Girth's cum!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Howdy from San Francisco. I've been out in the Bay doing a new "recession" porn for Falcon/Mustang and having a blast with some new porn fiends, I mean friends, in the industry. In particular I spent some time walking around the city and tried a great South Indian restaurant with smartypants/hottiepants, Conner Habib, one of the many sexy, hot and smart porn starts tweeting these days. He and I just finished a SMOKINGLY HOT three-way scene with super hung Girth Brooks and we were hungry (and a little bit silly from all the fucking). We talked about his graduate work and the industry. It was a blast.

We managed to also swing by the window of the McSweeney's store in the Mission. Is anyone else a fan? I go crazy when the new Wolphin arrives in the mail. It was late at night 'cause the scene had lasted so long and I was bummed that it was closed. But there was the monster costume from the new Where the Wild Things Are film, which I can safely recommend, especially if you're a fan of Karen O.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feedback about the Colby Keller Blog???

Hey guys-

Looking for feedback about the blog... As you know I'm just getting started with it and I want to make sure it's fun, sexy and interesting. So, post a comment and tell me what you think would make it awesome. Here's a pic of me from this summer at Governor's Island off of Manhattan.


Colby Keller and Nick Capra on Cocksuremen

Hey guys-
My hot scene with Nick Capra just posted on CocksureMen. It was a lot of fun to work with such a hung guy! He he and I think Nick had a good time too. Oh, and my favorite hook-up site, Manhunt just covered the scene in their blog. Thanks Dewitt.