Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I also got to meet up with one my favorite West Coast models, Conner Habib.  We shot a fun scene together for my favorite new studio, DominicFord.com in 3D.  I'll keep everyone posted for when the video is out but here's a quick shot of me and Conner messing around with each other after the scene.  The last time I worked with Conner was in a hot 3way so it was exciting to get him all to myself this time!

Oh, and be on the lookout!  Dominic Ford gave me some more great DVDs for anothe fun giveaway.  I had so much fun with the last one that I can't wait to post another Colby Keller Trivia Giveaway.  They went fast last time...

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  1. So it's a working vacation in NYC. Looking forward to seeing your work with Conner. But even more looking forward to the next giveaway - I'm cheap!