Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I've had a great vacation so far in NYC.  One of the many museums I like to visit while in town is the New Museum.  This time I went to see the Urs Fischer: Marguerite de Ponty exhibit and it was surprisingly fun, especially because of this mishap with the elevators that was a bit surreal.

In a mostly empty room, we came to realize that the "art" on the wall was the wall itself.  It was a large blown up photograph of the wall from the last de-installation, remounted to the wall as a photo.  As I realized this I also noticed that the elevator was stuck between floors and that people were being lifted out by maintenance staff one at a time.  It took me several minutes to realize that this was not part of the exhibition but an actual problem.


  1. the new museum is such a sick place to visit. had the honor of going to see the younger than jesus show over the summer. I was dying to see the Urs Fischer show but wasn't able to make it out (live in Nashville), but thankfully my parents were in NYC during the exhibit's run so I made them go. Needless to say, they hated it, which is what I pretty much expected. Apparently my mom screamed bloody murder at the tongue that pops out of the wall. But I did receive Urs Fischer's book Shovel in a Hole for Christmas...definitely made up for not being able to see it.

  2. wow, a video of your mom's reaction would be amazing!!!

  3. No kidding.....she said that everybody there pretty much just stared at her the rest of the time and kept a safe distance. She did make friends with the security guards though.

    I'm hoping to go back to new york for the whitney biennial, but we'll just have to see.
    BTW you are into some good artists. Love what you're into