Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I came across a great video last night with footage of a male beauty pageant in Tawain. Mr. Bolivia, Juan Bruno Kettels took home the crown. The video has great scenes of Juan Bruno getting dude-hugged by his fellow competitors and of course a sexy swimsuit competition but I'm curious about the Mr. International organization and how they come about deciding on norms of beauty. It looked kind of boring (despite all the hot guys).

It makes me think about a great documentary I saw this summer about the Miss Navajo pageant. In addition to traditional beauty, contestants are judged on their proficiency in the Navajo language and their ability to fully gut and cook a sheep while making fry bread at the same time. It was like a crazy reality-tv show and a lot more exciting to watch than a Miss America pageant.

I know the Mr. Croatia competition includes a boxing tournament and I think male beauty contests should think about going the direction of Miss Navajo. Proving yourself in a challenging task is, to me, a much more solid expression of beauty.

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  1. I gutted and cooked a sheep in a contest once. It didn't help me win the spelling bee though.