Friday, September 2, 2011


In anticipation of Big Shoe Diaries' second anniversary, we'll be re-posting some of our favorite posts from BSD past.  The first installment from December 2009: "The Two Bs...Books and Biceps"

So if you've ever seen me interviewed before a scene or read previous posts in my blog, you may know that I'm a visual artist by training. I have an MFA in Studio Art and I primarily make paintings and sculptures. One of the reasons I got into the adult film industry was to supplement my education and to give me the time work on my art.

A lot of fans have been asking that I post photos of projects on which I'm working and this is the first of those. This is a large painting I've been doing on large wood cutouts I've made. As part of a series paintings on wood, I'm going to be doing some smaller scale versions of it as well. I don't know if I'll sell my work on the blog or not, but I'm definitely considering it.

For me, a lot of inspiration comes from surrounding myself with images from the art world and other sources. I have bookshelves of art books and I can never seem to get enough. Take a quick look at my personal WishList on this blog and you can see that I'm always interested in more.

One of the things I love about working in porn is that people are constantly surprising you. The hot guys I get to work with are more than just their hot bodies, cocks and asses. Some of them are academics or writers; others are devoted to their girlfriends and children. There's always more to a porn star than meets the camera.

This pic is an old one of me. You'll see one of my old felt paintings off to the right, and of course my bookshelf with all my Art of my friends loves this pic and says it's a pic of my two Bs...nope, not brains and brawn, but books and biceps!)


  1. My respect and admiration goes out to a fellow artist! The wood cutouts look great! I recently finished fabrication on a twenty foot tile mosaic piece. It's part of four plazas that tell stories of the history of the city I live in. Spending a year developing the artwork and building it was no easy task especially after several insane setbacks but it's done and it is one of the most incredible, fulfilling and beautiful experiences I have ever had. My first loves are art and music two things I don't do as much as I would like to. Keep being inspired! Oh, and it should be three B's Books, Biceps and Bulge!! ;)

  2. Three B's it is, Anthony! I'm definitely a fan of all three. Send any images or press you have about your plazas piece. I'd love to see images or know more about it.

  3. I discovered you recently, and I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I would like to know more about your non-porn pursuits.

    I have a porn related question. Is it difficult to get turned on by a co-star who's only paid to like gay sex? Do you have to work harder to make it more passionate? Are there differences (in terms of performance) between gay for pay performers and bisexual/gay performers? If these questions are too personal, you can ignore them.

  4. Chris- I hope to be exploring those questions in great detail over the course of my writing for the blog! Great post-worty questions!!!

  5. i've been a long time admirer (i've always had a crush) but when i discovered your blog i was totally blown away! i can't get enough of your funny and very witty entries. it is so refreshing to see a profoundly different non-sexual side to Colby Keller. i really do wish you make your artwork available online somehow as i am seriously liking what i see. keep up your awesome blog.

  6. Wow! So awesome you are still working!
    if you get a chance check out my site.
    It would be fun to work on a side project
    with ya if you're up for it. Smart, HOT, funny,
    talented in OH so many things :)
    I'm doing a lot of mixed media stuff dealing
    with relationships and isolation. Collaboration!

    Nice to see awesome artists in Bmore!

  7. I count five. Books, biceps, brains, beard, and a blatant bulge!

  8. You look good Sir - but i think that is less about the biceps and more about the fact that you feel good - that shines through more than all else.

  9. oh... that is just plain what i need in my life right now