Friday, January 1, 2010


Long before I started a career in porn, I developed an online communication (I think they used to call these things "pen pals") with an Austrian artist by the name of Matthias Hermann. I'd come across some examples of his work online and was trying to find a book he'd produced. I had to find him and order it directly from him online. His work, which has mostly erotic/male body influences, inspires a lot of my own work, as well as my decision to do porn. He sent me a couple of images from a recent photo shoot of his. If you like them, you should check out his website!

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  1. Really cool! I have to admit my first time seeing a naked man was in a playgirl but then the second was Tom Bianchi's work. I really liked his work becuase it wasn't just about a man's cock in another man's orifice but a man's body and the shape and forms it can take.