Tuesday, January 5, 2010


There is a lot of buzz in the porn industry about Bel Ami's new stars and twin brothers, Elijah and Milo Peters (and of course, before them the Visconti Triplets). A lot of people are saying it's the next boundary to be crossed sexually and everyone seems to be hot for crossing this taboo with Bel Ami.

I've met more than a couple people claiming to have experienced a little brother loving, but most of my experiences have been with people who talk about not only emotional, but physical repulsion to the things in their brothers that turn them on in other people (ie. the way their sweat smells, etc.). So, if most people say they are repulsed by their own brothers, why is everyone so keen to watch the Peters boys share their peters with each other? Smells like repression.

Regardless, it's all the rage right now and there's a hot new Brazilian film about the relationship of two brothers that a couple from Australia shared with me last night. You should check out the trailer. The brothers as young men are boner-inducingly HOT!!!

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  1. Freud states that sexual fantasies are a typical adult way of dealing with deeper fears and anxieties. Incest fantasies could more safely represent a fear of closeness. or something. I'm not a psychiatrist.