Wednesday, January 27, 2010


While in NYC I had time to swing by the MOMA in order to see the Bauhaus exhibition (which is now closed) and the Gabriel Orozco exhibition. The Bauhaus, like any good Bauhaus show, was detailed and specific and you're into the Bauhaus, you would have loved it. And Orozco is one of my favorites because borrows so much from the natural world-totally worth your time.

However, the Burton show is an utter mess. It's so obvious from every angle that it's a MOMA money-maker with really no other intention. The sketches are strewn up all over the walls. The galleries are far too small with too many people to actually see anything. I got shoved through in about 20 minutes- ick! But the rest is great, so go...and panhandle on your way 'cause that museum is PRICEY!!


  1. Well, who knew? One of my favorite porn stars has a blog that is actually interesting, well written and showcases his many talents. Thrilled to discover it! And yes, the Tim Burton show was a total wreck. I'm glad that most of my friends hated it as much as I did. I have yet to catch the Orozco show, but plan on going this week. I'm not a fan of the Bauhaus, but thought the exhibit was well thought out and laid out beautifully. Next time you're in NYC and want to get into the MOMA for free, let me know, I get free passes all the would be a nice way of saying thanks for my favorite porn scene of all time, you and Patrick on SC...ciao.

  2. moma's always like that - the surrealism last year was the same.......
    also trick for moma is find a member to go with - they can get you in for 5 bucks.

  3. I saw the Bauhaus ausstellung. it WAS very good.

    that top photo is serious adorable. what ARE you doing?

  4. I was a little shocked by how expensive MOMA was on my first trip to New York. Not exactly art for the masses.

    Glad I found out about your blog. Very cool stuff and it encourages me to stop being a lazy ass and add more to mine.

  5. Aw I can't believe I didn't stalk, uh, meet you while you were in my city. That Tim Burton show gave me a panic attack. btw if you like Jonte you should check out Kaiti Dangerkat and the House of Dangerkat. She and pretty much everything she's associated with is amazing.

  6. Gabriel Orozco is from my city, Xalapa.