Monday, January 25, 2010


So, my trip in NYC is going great. I'm having a lot of fun catching up with friends, seeing some awesome exhibits, catching terrible movies, and of course hitting the kinds of fancy gyms that only seem to exist in NYC. I just finished a great shoot for (my favorite 3d porn site!) with a hot relatively-new-to-porn guy named Parker London. The filming actually happened at this swanky hotel in Long Island City (my first visit there) and the scene was a lot of fun. Parker's very hot and very professional. He topped me in a few great positions but I think I might have hurt my back a little in the final "pile-driver" fuck (alas, hazards of the trade, right). Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted for when it comes up, but check out this hot pic of Parker in the meantime. It's from a three-way bi-sexual scene he did with Cody!


  1. Now, see, that sounds like an awesome scene. How's the back, btw?

  2. Love you. Love Parker. Cody needs to fucking go. His 15 should have been over 2 years ago. How many times can you jerk off and get a blowjob in the exact same way?