Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I tried to get naked at the Met for this photo, but the security guard wasn't having any of it (though he did give me his phone number). So sadly your Colby Keller vs. Rodin comparison photo is not as exciting as it should be. Instead it's more of a Rodin vs. Colby Keller/American Apparel/Salvation Army. Ah well.


  1. This is actually one of my favourite Rodin sculptures (after "The Age of Bronze." In fact, I have reproductions of both in my dinning-room). It's a shame the security guard didn't let you get naked, because--although I like this picture--that would have made it hotter. Maybe you can save the thought for a photo-shoot? ;-)

  2. Great shot Colby! Perfect form! But what is that sculpture trying to do to you? Check out that finger! I've always been fascinate and a little creeped out by Rodin's Monument to Balzac, don't know why it gives me the willies. I really like his Gates of Hell piece as well. I think it's insanely beautiful.

  3. Beautiful, talented, listens to good music and knows his art--Colby Keller, you are officially a dreamboat.