Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, another "friend of Colby" forwarded me some excellent images that show physical proof of his recent sexscapades in the form of rug burn. It's a classic sex wound that anyone who enjoys a hot rough romp on the floor has endured. Whether pounding a hot boy doggie style or riding a rough top, this is one almost everyone encounters. I'm hoping to post a series of sex wounds on the blog....maybe hickees will be next? Anyone else know of some classic (not too graphic injuries I could post)? Feel free to send photos to if you want your pics to get used in the Sex Wounds series. Take this photo set as encouragement to head out and get some of your own...and then take pictures.


  1. Nice legs! I'll offer my services to help him get better...or get worse...

  2. thats one of the reasons i don't care for fucking. i've also got a bruised dick a few times from bjs - guys always try and take it all and i tell them not to cause it actually doesn't feel good but they try then they bruise it