Thursday, February 4, 2010


Unless you're a big fan of Mayan-influenced sculpture and you live in the great state of Colorado, you probably don't know who Bruce Gueswell is. However, if you have visited an urban city or college town in the United States, you've probably seen his work. Bruce is responsible for the production of all the Mayan-influenced sculptures you see at the Chipotle restaurants. Why do I know this? Because I eat at Chipotle ALL THE TIME. I eat there easily four or five times a week (that's a lot of burrito bowls, tacos, and salads). It tastes good, it's high in protein (xtra meat please) and it's not like other fast-food chains.

You should know by now that I am a huge Chipotle advocate. In addition to using sustainable/recycled construction materials and having cute quirky sculpture and a very simple design (simple is always best), they continue to improve their relationship with sustainable agriculture by promoting animal husbandry (ie 100% of the chicken and pork is naturally raised) and acquiring local produce. At the retail level, that's saying quite a, the people who work there are always happy (in 2010 no less).

Oh and...the music doesn't suck. It's actually quite good. I listen to a lot of music and I'm a bit of a snob, especially when it comes to the cheap corporate shit that's piped into most chains. Whoever is curating the sound at Chipotle is awesome...and I wanna share a burrito and playlists with them.

*** FYI - this is not a solicited plug for Chipotle, but if anyone knows anyone at corporate, I will gladly do solicited plugs for free burritos and guacamole. Write me at (I'm not kidding). :)


  1. now you got me curious, i want to visit for 3 reasons;
    1- the food
    2- the artist
    3- chance of running into you!
    ;)...cheers , Rocco

  2. I avoid chains at all costs. Chipotle is neither in my immediate vicinity and there are lots of small mexican cantinas that serve the same purpose in my neighborhood. Still, your advocacy for all the right reasons of this chain might inspire me to try them out when on the road (inevitably in NYC)

  3. In October 2006, McDonald's fully divested from Chipotle.

    They used to own large shares, but I'm with Michelle O. on this one...even a company as big and bad as Micky D's investing/moving in the right direction is a good thing.

  4. my dick and I like you a lot, but please buy a new jacket. thanks.

  5. POOH!

    Colby has a style going for him, monochrome to better reflect these deeply recessionary times. Though we could run a special coat drive for him, maybe for every film he does a gift certificate for some "Nasty Pig" outer wear comes his way.

  6. This is awesome to learn those great things about Chipotle. I remember before we got the chain here I was visiting Chicago and had Chipotle (for the first time) for lunch and dinner in the same day. :)

  7. thanks for standing up for my intentionally drab fashion statement, presto. exactly! so far, the only nasty pig attire i have is a skimpy black jock strap...i'll have to post a pic soon.

  8. oh and a funny anecdote...yesterday, while eating at chipotle, my friend remarked that it would be funny if chipotle (with all its Mayan-influenced art) made a reference to the end of the Mayan Calendar by serving a "2012" burrito that would have apocalyptically spicy salsas in it...

  9. I love chipotle and I always wondered who made the art work!