Monday, February 8, 2010


If you happen to be following me on TWITTER @ColbyKeller then you know by now that I love HBO's Big Love. I've obsessively watched all three previous seasons and now, knee deep in the snow dump of the mid-Atlantic have caught up on the beginnings of season IV. I've also been reading a lot about the early Mormon movement/migration and have been watching both Hollywood/anti-Mormon films about the Mormons and Mormon-produced historical dramas and biopics.

The show so brilliantly casts polygamists as "other" and almost every single element of prejudice they encounter reads as the same bias faced by LGBT folks. Additionally, the cast and writing are so spot on and believalbe. If you haven't watched, Colby HIGHLY recommends you netflix it now and catch up to Season 4 with me. ;)

I also love the new opening credits which features a band I used to really be into called the Engineers (the original 2005 version of the song is featured below with the Opening Credits. Enjoy and yes, Colby recommends.


  1. As a Jack-Mormon I just can't bring myself to see anything about this perverse cult.

  2. very cool intro. I would love to see how they did that. Good song too!

  3. I love this show too, makes me giddy.