Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In addition to Tony Ward being ridiculously hot, he also works on some of the coolest projects. Check out this amazing interactive push for new Wrangler Blue Bell on it already, it's so cool! You get to unzip his jacket and drag him across the room. It's as likely a good direction for porn as 3D in my opinion. Imagine pulling porn actors around like this to different fuck/suck scenarios. Have fun!!!


  1. I'ts a great idea for interactive porn! but you'd have to have a cast of all versatile actors for the movie to filming all the actors in every permutation of combo...that's a lot of film to shoot...

  2. I had fun taking Tony's shirt off, putting it back on, taking it off a little bit, putting it back on, off, on, off, on, off...

    I imagine the same fun could be had, say, with a shifting sexual position which would lead to video footage of the completed act in that position. So, the viewer "tells" the actors where to go out of three possibilities leaves them to it until the next option (or back to position one for the other alternatives).

    Sometimes I watch one tiny clip of a film over and over and over again anyway!

    Love your brain, Colby.