Thursday, February 11, 2010


I was having a cabin fever conversation about bad old films we should watch while still snowed in and brought up this ridiculous Austin-based film I'd seen called Teeth, about a young woman with Vagina Dentata. I was joking around telling everyone about my idea for a gay spoof of the film about Anal Dentata (no wikipedia entry for that one) and wondering if there were other such films out there. I was told of a film called Killer Condom and so spent a good chunk of time reading about and watch clips from it.....It's so campy! Enjoy!

And of course the start of the conversation featuring VAGINA DENTATA!!!


  1. A movie about an asshole with teeth? John Mayer can star.

  2. teeth is such a shitty movie. Accidentally ordered it on demand and had to suffer through it. The kicker is that it ended up costing $12

  3. I actually liked "Teeth", but I have been told that I am very easily amused.

  4. Killer Condom is such an awesome movie!!!
    And the comic it was based on is even funnier, if that was possible!

    I have yet to watch Teeth. Vaginas scare me enough by themselves, dentata or not!