Friday, February 12, 2010


I made it to New York City for the weekend to catch up with old friends and to attend some events for New York Fashion Week. I decided to rock my crazy Sally Jesse Rafaels again at breakfast once I got into the city and then took a quick pic of a jumbo snowman in Harlem (near the Starbucks)...

...New York City's snow was nothing compared to Washington, D.C.'s...


  1. This hardly seems right. Here I am up in Toronto Canada and we have yet to get a Winter! We've had, maybe, two inches all winter. Not even enough to make a dildo angel.

    And yet parts of the United States are absolutely plastered with snow! Canada's reputation as a snow covered haven for polar bears is decidedly at risk here!

    sent from a melting igloo.

  2. This comes from a completely enveloped Philadelphia - whiter than white - in snow.

    I now sympathize with Sally Jessie, uh, I mean Colby that this is has now become the best location to sport a thick beard (and large round glasses frames - they form a great wind block!)

  3. Scruffy - bearded - glasses - you are turly adorkable.

    Ive only ever seen snow once. And yet you guys must be totally sick of it by now.

    Hang in there...........

  4. Hey. I've really been enjoying your blog (as well as your porn, of course).
    If you were in DC for the snow, I wonder if that means you live around here. Haven't run into you at any art stuff yet, but that doesn't mean it won't happen sometime. I teach at the Corcoran.

    I was wondering if you ever looking at Dennis Cooper's blog at I don't know if you know his work or reputation as a writer. The blog has been a really interesting gathering place for some writers and musicians and artists and fans for a few years now, and every day there's a post on an interesting topic: sometimes it's obscure European writers, sometimes a month's round-up of escort ads. Today would be a particularly interesting day to look at it: -- a virtual exhibition of contemporary art featuring animals.
    Hope you get a chance to see it, and enjoy it.

  5. Rawr...Colby rocks the scruffy look. Most dudes can't pull that off too well. I am guessing Colby could even pull off the scruffy unwashed look. Hopefully he wouldn't but I wouldn't turn him away...Rawr. There's EVEN more snow forecast now for PA. Dayum!