Friday, February 26, 2010


Apparently I'm involved in some sort of familial conspiracy to take over the porn with Conner Habib, Berke Banks, Girth Brooks and Alessio Romero. Check out the story on JackManly's Blog:

"Colby Keller & Conner Habib aren't new to the biz but both have been keeping busy as though they are new and by doing so they've become a couple of the "it" guys that have emerged in 2010. It seems like a week doesn't go by when at least one of their video appearances hasn't been released and in fact this week they can be seen in three. In going over their run of website and DVD appearances over the last year we realized that their connection to each other is quite intricate. You've heard of that "six degrees of separation" theory? In this case Conner Habib & Colby Keller (and several others as you'll see) are part of a "one degree of separation" network."

What JackManly didn't mention in the article is that several of us are meeting up in Los Angeles this weekend to further develop our plot to take over the porn world....


  1. How incestuous of you guys! I wholeheartedly approve of your ascension to king of porn.

  2. It's a vast big shoe conspiracy! Where do you stand on health care?