Thursday, February 18, 2010


So my pal Dewitt over at Manhunt Daily News asked to an interview with me. He asked me A LOT OF QUESTIONS. Half the answers will bore you to death, but there's one or two that you might like. Check out the interview if you've got seven or eight minutes (I told you-it's LONG!).


  1. Excellent interview, Mr. Keller. It's awesome to see you getting more and more ... er, exposure!

  2. You -- ignored in LA?? That must have been before I moved back here. Let me know when you get back here and you'll be clamoring for anonymity. LOL. :)

    And I am 100% behind the Jesus porn. How delightfully blasphemous!

    Great interview! Congrats!

  3. Seconds on the Jesus porn. I went out with a guy who I affectionately referred to as "Jesus guy". Very hot!

    I love, love, LOVE that you would make a big budget sci-fi porn. (Avatar came close, being completely self-indulgent and teetering on the brink of Furry porn).

    I can see the title already: Colby Keller in KELLERELLA!

  4. Big budget sci-fi porn? Didn't Kevin Smith try that once?

    Ok, I'd love to see Star Whores with Colby as Luke Skywalker and...hmmm...Chi Chi LaRue as Princess Leia. Heck, you could probably even get Carrie Fisher to stop by...

  5. "That said, I can admit to the occasional guilty indulgence in bareback porn. I feel very conflicted about it. I like natural bodies, natural sex and love cum, but also don't want to see any fellow sex workers put their health at risk for a momentary orgasm. "

    very sound judgment

  6. Don't ever cut the hair or shave the beard. I love you just the way you are!