Tuesday, February 2, 2010


A special thanks for some kind words from London-based blogger, Alex Wilcock. I'm taking the liberty to paste his text-love for the BigShoeDiaries here (I wonder if Alex knows about my thing for guys with glasses who used words like obscure as a verb):

The Internet is for Porn (and I’m for Colby Keller)

This one also started off as porn and is often funny, but it’s not a cartoon, it’s a porn star’s very engaging blog about his life in the recession. His headline pic on his Big Shoe Diaries is naked, partially obscured by a “Will Fuck For Food” sign; the background to his Twitter account, on which at present he’s fully clothed, is him surrounded by his books. Come on, you like him already, don’t you? Some pages are indeed safe for work, but you’re probably safer assuming they’re not: though he frequently discusses his visits to art galleries and museums, ‘I went there for the art’ may not stand up to close examination when it doesn’t go down well with your system administrator. Look out, too, for mentions of his friend Conner Habib, who is funny, an academic and another very hot films chap. Do you get many of those? Anyway, Colby was recommended to me by a friend in one of those late-night wide-ranging Doctor Who, food and porn online discussions one has, as someone who’s funny, intelligent, and also very sexy, not plucked to within an inch of his life, and looking like he’s enjoying himself. And after a few days of looking at the pictures, you might start reading what he has to say, too.
Thanks for spreading the good message, Alex.


  1. Gosh. You've made an unfit, very unpornstar guy very happy ;-) And my other half is deriving considerable pleasure from my blushing - neither of us can remember the last time that happened. He thinks it's sweet, though, so thanks!

  2. Damn, I would have liked to participate in that discussion. And of course, the correct answer is "Tom Baker." Granted, I would have *liked* it to be David Tennant--after all, it *should* be the prettiest Doctor with the largest penis; alas, I've seen the goods, and they're average at best (nice legs, though). Somehow, though, I suspect Baker's oversized scarf was indicative of...well, other things...;)

  3. Alex's post gets the appeal exactly right. I think most of us came here for the hot pics (pun intended) and inside story, but stay for the interesting posts about art and your other interests. This is one of the few blogs I *read* as opposed to skim...