Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, there's this stylishly fun blog in Scotland run by a character named Portis Wasp. He just interviewed me about porn, art and...well, stuff. It was a lot of fun and he's posted photos of some of my older art work with the interview, as well as one of the submissions from the art for porn contest that is still happening (submissions are rolling in - February 14th is the deadline).

Check out the interview! Below is one of my old sculptures, Bullet, 2008.


  1. Ok - so I used to have a little crush on you and it lived predominately in my groin - but now - I am fully, completely in love.

  2. Great interview (and it's nice to see more of your art)!

  3. the bullet is rad. felix gonzalez-torres' pile of missile-shaped candies ("american opinion") comes to mind. keep up the sending of sweet, fuzzy, radical signals to the universe. also, unrelated, but i applaud the effort of your enterprising; you are building and crafting a presence in the world, being daring and actively creative, and reminding the universe of that -- through a little bit of self-promotion. that shit is hard! you are fightin' for good things, things i like to believe in. keep bein' vital!