Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I recently saw The Prophet, starring Tahar Rahim...and I totally have a huge Colby crush on the actor now. The film is an awesome crime drama in which Rahim's character gets indoctrinated into the French mafia while in prison....and there's something about Rahim that is so hot.

If you haven't seen The Prophet yet, I definitely recommend it. It's still in theaters, I think!

Sooo sexy!!!


  1. i'm surprised u recommended it - it was a well made film but not exactly enjoyable. - Also - that Voyeur club is the same place Heidi Klum had her halloween party this year

  2. i was planning on seeing that movie this weekend; can't wait to see it. i've been trying to watch all of the movies that were nominated for the best foreign film oscar. So far I gotta say the white ribbon is my favorite, but from what i've heard this may be my new #1!

  3. Mmmm if my memory dosen't fails me, this picture was nominated for an oscar or something like that, a friend of mine tried to saw all of them, he couldn't, but the one that he can't stop talking about is The White Ribbon from Michael Haneke, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE_ByB2ocVk, it won in Cannes. The one i'm would like to watch this days "A single man" ...

  4. Juan, The White Ribbon was such a great movie. I dragged my friend who tends to immediately hate anything that's tagged artsy/foreign, and especially ones that are almost three hours long, but he loved it almost more than i did. I was totally blown away by it, definitely recommend it.
    And A Single Man looks great as well. You can really tell it was by Tom Ford