Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So apparently, my signature look is more like a print in a series of 5... I got the following message from a fan in Kansas City, Missouri, which hosts one of my favorite museums. The Nelson-Atkins is beautiful (especially with their new modernist buildings complimenting the old Neo-Classical buildings...and so green with the lawns...ah the midwest), and has an AMAZING collection of Asian Art.

Oh wait...I got distracted by art. Ok, so Randal has a question about a potential Colby Keller doppelganger for any devoted Colby Keller fans out there...can anyone help him out? I am 99% certain it wasn't me, but who is this Colby Doppelganger??? HELP!!!

Dear Colby,

I bought Barnstorm from Titan, and there is a bonus scene on that DVD which is from Joe Gage's Sex Files #3: Kegger Frat Party. Are you in that film, wearing a shirt with the word "DEXTER" on it? The guy looks a lot like you physically, but the face only looks like you from certain angles.

He and two other guys are ordered by the coach to jack off on a desk. The cum shot definitely looks like yours. Please let me know -- I've checked every site I can find with a cast list for this movie, and you're not credited as "Colby Keller".

Thanks! Randal in Kansas City


  1. Maybe just use that cast list to google everyone that's in it. Surely there won't be 300 cast members? :)

  2. I've tried to do some internet detective work, but it hasn't been easy. The only actor name I can eliminate in this film is "Tag Adams", the infamous bottom of gay porn. Titan Media, which owns this Joe Gage film, isn't much help, because they only offer the film in DVD as part of a package with Sex Files #2 and #4. They don't offer a separate cast list for #3, and don't even have a trailer available for it with other info on this 3-film DVD. (The only other actor in this film that I've seen before, besides Tag, is an older bald gentleman who is in the Gage film "Back to Barstow". Since I don't recognize any faces, I don't know which actor is which.

    An MSR review of the film I found online states that the three actors involved in the desk jack off are:

    Alex Berlin
    Pavel Milovic

    I've never heard of either of the second two, and there have been several male porn stars that used the name Damian (and this actor is a new one to me, if indeed he is one of the three in the desk circle jerk).

    As I stated in my original query to Colby, the man in question is wearing a shirt with "DEXTER" on the front. Facially, he looks like Colby from certain angles, and from others, he doesn't. But the body, dick, and cum shot all greatly resemble Colby.

    So, if anyone has Sex Files #3 Kegger Frat Party and has an answer, I'd appreciate knowing.

    Randal in Kansas City

  3. I am pretty sure it is Damion - who also starred in some Michael Lucas films - Vengeance 2 (orgy scene), Strangers of the Night (with Andy Hunter), and some others I think.

  4. Thanks to Anonymus! He was correct, the actor is the one credited as "Damion" in both Sex Files #3 and the Michael Lucas film "Vengeance 2". Both were released in 2003. I learned from watching the extras on the "Vengeance 2" DVD that Damion operated the camera during the cast interview for the DVD extras. The men interviewed, (including Tag Adams and Chad Hunt,) were all involved in an 8-man orgy scene, of which Damion was one of the participants! So, I missed getting to see and hear him in an interview situation. Perhaps he is still working for Lucas behind the camera. However, that is a waste of a beautiful body and cock!

    He and Colby have to be twins separated at birth!

    Thanks for everyone's assistance in solving the mystery.

    Randal in Kansas City