Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Some "friends of Colby" asked me to spend some more time developing a blog roll (and for a second I started wondering if some cheeky Sushi joint in Silicone Valley probably had such a thing on the menu. And then I remembered that there are tons of blogs that I like. So here's a link to another one of my favorites, Phallic Cymbals. It's kind of like the I SEE PENIS postings I've been doing TIMES 1,000!!! Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Great site! I checked out every posting on this blog from the beginning.

    Awesome! I've seen thousands of porno films, and I've never seen such a gathering of unique dicks! (Of course, a few of them were just gross, and some of the tiny ones were so sad!)

    I guess the porn industry weeds out the ones that are too weird! (I'll admit, I'm a size queen when it comes to porno -- so I do get a little disappointed when the dick isn't at least six or seven inches!)

    Thanks for sharing, Colby!

    Randal in Kansas City