Monday, March 8, 2010


Happy Monday! I've been a little busy and haven't posted much since my trip to LA, but have lots of great things to share: photos, stories, jokes and more. First, here is my final post about winter. I think it's fitting. I'm as over winter as I am American prudishness. A family was ordered to cover up their awesome snow sculpture because someone complained.

Really? You're upset because you live next to people who are creative enough to reconstruct Venus de Milo out of snow in the yard next to you? I mean, now you don't even have to drag your lazy ass to the museum. How about writing your Senator about violence on TV? Oh man...what's really sad is how tacky the statue looks once it's covered up. A shame...even in Jersey! ;)


  1. This is comedically tragic. People need a grip.

  2. Or this craziness:

    (link to Towleroad)

  3. Lol. The jersey shore? I live in this town and we are nowhere near the shore. haha.

    Our town is full of old people, we have a huge funeral home district because of all the deaths, and they are incredibly conservative. Maria(Conneran) and her mother are both artists and it sucks that they're so constricted by the idiots who can't appreciate something as beatiful as the human body.