Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So, earlier this week, I posted a fairly superficial post about a French photographer I've developed a bit of a art/man-crush on this week with three of his mineral portraits. However, I've been doing some deeper looking at his other works and wanted to share some more of his images and a brief little "framing of desire" essay that the work inspired out of me. I apologize in advance for the use of the words exigent and heuristic but I couldn't express myself without them...feel free to skip the essay and look at the pretty pictures.

One of the fun things about sexuality is our limitless ability to marshall our desire around the exigent confines (sometimes albeit blurred) of any number of creative possibilities: A woman. A man. A big cock. Big feet. Hairy nuckles. Giant muppets. You name it, someone has probably fetishized it. Then again, there are cultural trends which supersede idiosyncratic anomaly. It is in this respect that we can refer to the ever-present "frame".

Porn is a perfect example of a widely distributed commodity that works to frame our collective desire (not everyone's desire granted, but enough to the give the term meaning). The "frame", for obvious reasons, brings any discourse back to art, to painting in particular, and to photography and film by extension. We can talk about "mirrors", transparency, ruptures in the picture plane, breaks in the fourth wall-- all of which refer us back to the heuristic nature of the frame. I don't think Laurent Champoussin intends to direct our gaze specifically toward sex with the following series of photographs, merely the sensual. They do however allow us to contemplate the beauty of the frame . . . and everything the "frame" might mean for us.


  1. Interesting essay. Beyond the meaning of these frames, it is funny to notice that the more we generalize an idea, the more perceptible the «frame» is, probably due to multiple social, moral and/or aesthetic constrains.
    However, the simple way we are thinking through pictures, words, or even abstract concepts admits creating «frames» wich cannot be overpassed, under penalty of losing all sense of logic or interpretation.

    ( My apologies if the message does not make any sense, i can hardly express myself in a proper English )

  2. Your text on here is so beautiful...