Monday, April 12, 2010


I was just in NYC and finished some more work with one of my all-time favorite porn directors, Joe Gage. After working and hanging out, I decided to revisit the great interview he did with BUTT magazine. The scene I just did for Joe this weekend will likely be one of the hottest I've done in a while and I can't wait to tell more about it...but for now read the interview. He's a very smart and talented man.


  1. can't wait to see this. The classic director directing the classic porn boy.

  2. Colby,

    Thanks for sharing this interview, which I had not read. Very interesting -- I always assumed that Gage (or Mr. Kincaid) actually came from the Midwest -- hence, the beginning of his classic triology here in Kansas City. Also, very interesting to read he was married and has two sons!
    I wonder if any of that comes into play in that scene in Chainsaw where the Dad jerks off with his two sons ... ? (It's very hot, of course!)

  3. I hope it'll be available soon! And I hope we see you working more often with Titan this year (or Titan working with you).

  4. Good evening_

    While reading your page, I was thinking about one of my favorites artists, who's been working on queer subjects as beard-fetish or transvestism for a few years now. I was just wondering if you might like it.
    So I pasted you a few links below, his personal website and two videos of this boy performing... quite gloomy things sometimes. Hope you'll enjoy this !

    Greetings from France!