Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Thanks everyone for your recommendations. The trip really crept up on me so sorry for the inconsistency in posts this week (also I know I owe everyone a final "colby keller art contest" wrap up-it's coming next week, I promise!).

If you're in Chicago, join me tonight at the first ever Colby Keller "Tweet Up" at Bucks at 3439 N. Halsted from 6pm-8pm. I'll have some porn to give away to the first five people who come say hi to me. This will be very laid-back and informal and remember I'm pretty shy, so please don't expect charisma or a "celebrity personality" just get shy Colby. FYI: I like Jack and Coke...

Also, I owe a huge apology to Alfredo. I'm a total space cadet and this trip came up so quickly...and then I called you by the wrong name. I have a funny photo I took that I'll post next week that will hopefully suffice as an apology...thanks for saying hi!

I had a great first day in Chi-town and thanks for everyone's recommendations. I spent the morning walking through Millenium Park and the Bean is so fucking cool....I was mesmerized for quite some time. Then, I popped into the Art Institute for a while and went over the MCA for their Tuesday evening afterhours program. I love that collection!!! I also went to a public program, but had to sneak out early to catch the rest of the museum before dinner. For dinner, I went to this well-known chef's "take out" restaurant Xoco (awesome). Pics and more details to come.... See you Chicagoans tonight!


  1. recently went to the MCA a couple weeks ago. Gotta love their collection....rooms full of matthew barney, lorna simpson, and richard prince always make me smile. And the william eggleston exhibit at the art institute was incredible as well....i've been waiting a long time to see a full show of his work in person.

    would've loved to meet up but i'm stuck in nashville :(

  2. Sorry that I couldn't make your acquaintance tonight at Bucks. Wednesday is league bowling night at work.

    Would love to make a short documentary with you on your life in porn and art.

  3. Thanks for the apology. I appreciate it.

  4. Hey Colby, if you're still here in Chicago, come and check out the Fine Arts Building at 410 S. Michigan Ave. It's chock full of art, music, dance, and theater. Go to the 10th floor and make your way down. There's an Art Nouveau mural gallery there of original work by artists who worked in the building a hundred years ago. You can come and say hi to me at suite 433, and check out our Venetian courtyard. :-)

    Next door is the fantastic Auditorium Building. They have their own tours, but I don't know the schedule.

    Also, do one of the Chicago Architecture Foundation's walking tours. They're terrific.

  5. Xoco was a great choice. I've been twice - I love that place!


  7. not still in chicago, but about to start posting some fun photos from my short time there!!!

  8. Corby,

    I'd have come if I lived in Chicago! Next time you are in the woods of Western Massachusetts, have a similar event and I'll get hordes of country boys (well, maybe 3 or 4) to come hang out with you. You are a beautiful man! Dan at