Thursday, April 29, 2010


Keller is common surname in a lot of languages and is the German word for cellar. My friend, Laurent in Paris took some great photos of Rue Keller in Paris, named for two Swiss-German brothers who were artillery experts in France in the 1600s. I've never been on Rue Keller, but I think it's fitting that earlier Kellers were famous for being good at shooting their guns.


  1. Actually, I have always thought that you picked your acting name from this famous gay place:

    Kind of weird one indeed, good enough only for a TIM production I guess :-)))

    Regarding the Kellers brothers, they are even more famous fo having casted most of the gorgeous bronze sculptures displayed in thé Versailles gardens:

    it is funny to see the great deal of you that we may notice in this sculpture, handsome:-)

    Sébastien Luxembourg (seblux on twitter), one of your first french fans ;-)))))

  2. Also for what it's worth, rue Keller is famous for an S&M bar called the Keller--slings, lie-in urinals, fisting, etc.

  3. (I've just found this post with a random search...)
    Rue Keller : Paris CGL, Gay & Lesbian Center, used to stand there - I once was one of the guys welcoming patrons ! It has since moved closer to the Marais gay neighbourhood. There was also a gay bar whose name I can't remember and, yes, the S&M Keller bar - I went there twice to deliver safe sex advices & and some material - mainly lube & condoms until we were told that our condoms :)