Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A reader of the blog @TheBeast_NYC mentioned that he was traveling by train from NYC to Chicago. I love trains and I suggested that he take some photos and write something about his trip. Enjoy and thanks to The BEAST!


So I usually fly when traveling but this was last minute so I decided I'd just ride the train midwest. What's 15hrs on the train gonna hurt?
I tweeted about my trip and our fave big shoe hottie colby suggested I snap some countryside pics. So that definitely made my trip more fun. I got some really great shots and I hope you guys like them.
I of course got horny so I figured I'd cruise the aisles just to see if there was anyone hot to talk to. I made eyes at a couple guys then this older Mexican guy came and sat next to me, I then realized he was a Monet, you know good-looking far away but clearly not my type up close so I just said goodnight and shut my eyes. He surely got the idea and moved along.
I somehow ended up talking to a sweatshirt wearing hottie in a cart ahead of mine. He was really cool, I gave him my card then outta nowhere he starts talking about the sex he had with a girl in the bathroom, how he went down on her and etc. I was like cool I'm looking to hook up on the train too (wink wink).
He then asks am I a giver or receiver? When I get ready to answer the train conductor calls his station and he's like that's me I better go. Turns out he's 17 and still in H.S , wants to hang out when were both back in the city. Perhaps there will be a part II to this story?! Well that's it for me, I just ate & I'm beyond exhausted. Night guys, sweet wet dreams ;-)

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  1. Great shots, Colby. I may paint a few of them if you don't mind.