Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I caught BITCH, the singer-songwriter/hip hop/producer electric violin playing virtuoso at the Charm City Kitty Club in Baltimore and was completely blown away. I knew some of her work with Bitch and Animal, notably "Best Cock on the Block" as well as her performance in John Cameron Mitchell's but her live show is other-worldly. She apparently performs NYC a lot and sometimes Provincetown. If you get a chance to check her live, take it. More info at her website and here's a new music video she made about a break-up song she wrote...good for a Tuesday. I wonder if she knows about the types of bitches list.

Here's a music video for a song from her new album.

And then here is a cool video of her playing another song from the new album on the property of another singer-songwriter she's worked with...I love that you can hear all the insects in the background and that she's just walking around with the dogs singing and playing her violin!!!

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