Friday, May 28, 2010


I've been reading a great book of poetry by Christian Bök called Eunoia. The book is divided by vowel (a e i o u) into chapters of poems using words with only that vowel. Here is a perfect Friday afternoon poem for readers of this modest little porn blog....

EUNOIA, by Christian Bök

from "Chapter O", for Yoko Ono, page 61

Porno shows folks lots of sordor -- zoom-shots of

Bjorn Borg's bottom or Snoop Dog's crotch. Johns

who don condoms for blowjobs go downtown to

Soho to look for pornoshops known to stock lots of

lowbrow schlock -- off-color porn for old boors who

long to drool onto color photos of cocks, boobs,

dorks or dongs. Homos shoot photos of footlong

schlongs. Blond trollops who don go-go boots flop

pompoms nonstop to do promos for floorshows.

Wow! Hot blonds who doff cotton frocks show off

soft bosoms. Hot to trot, two blonds who smooch

now romp on cold wood floors for crowds of mo-

rons, most of whom hoot or howl: whoop, whoop.


  1. I worked with Christian in bookstore years ago - like most geniuses he is incredibly socially inept and quite narcissistic - sometimes displaying very Asperger's-esque characteristics. But he is a very good writer. Be warned though, if you ever meet him, don't try to engage him in a conversation that has anything to do with anything but him.

  2. This is cool!! quite a mouthful of words with O..