Friday, May 28, 2010


A "friend of Colby" pointed me to a fun blog post from Boy Wonder from a couple of years ago. It's about a dream with me in it-creepy and fun!!!

"Last night I had this weird and awesome dream. In it I actually met my current porno actor crush ... Colby Keller.

I can't even remember how Colby ended up entering the dream. Suddenly I am there with him on the set of a new porno shoot. They haven't started yet and he's hanging out with whoever he's doing the scene with. I go up and start chatting with him. He's super cool, a little nerdy and totally handsome in person. I mention that someone
I know was at a party with him in D.C. He tells me about growing up in Chicago and that his folks moved to D.C. and that's why he was there. We chat some more and then I ask him out and he says "Yes." We make tenative plans to get together for dinner or coffee ... and then I woke up.
So, how sad is it that I had this dream?"
The only problem...I don't drink coffee, so it was definitely dinner.


  1. Uh-oh! Busted by the internet!
    Boy Wonder (Chas.)

  2. much love chas! ;) much better than the weird post i came across of some kid claiming he served me at a sporting goods store in suburban dallas....completely untrue...sporting goods store? suburban dallas? colby keller? c'mon now...

  3. Seems like if someone where gonna lie they would at least make it believable ... something like the Dallas Museum of Art.

    You're the best-est, Mr. Keller!

  4. I had a sexdream about Colby tonight :) and it was very... well you know ;)