Monday, May 3, 2010


So I came across a fun gay arts blog the other day called Homo-Neurotic and I was really impressed. I definitely recommend a read or three. I enjoyed the article about BUTT magazine being brought in to curate the Ace Hotel Gay Porn-per-view experience:

"Innovation is one of those big ideas that’s being tossed around in this recession and porno, an industry with a fat bottom line, is no less in need of new ideas on how to do business. BUTT plans to follow up this round with another series pending on performance, but I for one will have “Inches” and “Skin Gang” at the top of my queue if I ever find myself spending the night at an Ace location."

Read more for yourself and check out the blog!

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  1. Hey Colby,
    Thanks for the recommendation. Great hip, cool blog. Makes me want to be back in NYC. Hope you're having a wonderful time in SF, my very favorite city. It sure sounds like it. There are so many great restaurants. Enjoy!!!