Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Greetings from San Francisco!

I forgot to mention that I am out in California this week for some new work with Mustang and Massive Studios. I just finished a hot scene today where I bottom for relative porn newcomer, Brandon Bangs. He's a very sexy, beefy red head with a hot uncut dick. We definitely had some fun together. He's pictured above with another "friend of Colby," Jake Steele.
It's cold here and I never seem to get San Francisco weather right. I need to get a jacket and tonight I'm going to try out a restaurant called Taqueria Cancun, recommended by today's Boys with Beards star, Nate...we'll see if his taste in food is as good as his beard photos.


  1. Hey Colby, @hotflesh from Twitter here and former SF resident. Always bring a light jacket w/ you just in case since the weather cools then warms up in an instant. For a GREAT burger try Kelly's at 3141 16th Street in the Mission. For sex clubs, try either Blow Buddies or Mack Folsom Prison where I believe porn stars are admitted free and I used towork there! Have fun babe. Paul from Buffalo,NY

  2. no no... try El Farolito on Mission (between 23rd and 24th)... it's a SF favorite, you won't be dissapointed! (unless you had it already and hated it. haha).

  3. Many great taquerias in SF/Mission District, Colby. Taqueria Cancun is just a few blocks from where I used to live here in SF. It's good-! My personal fave, however, is El Taco Loco on 24th St. just off of Mission St.