Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anal Magazine: El Museo Del Chopo

I had my first international exhibiiton as Colby Keller last night in Mexico City at El Museo del Chopo as part of video/projection show put on by Anal Magazine. It's a pretty cool new art/sex mag that you should definitely check out. Imagine BUTT en espanol! Thanks to the dudes at Anal Mag - I'm super honored to be included with artists like Superm and Guy Maddin in a show. I hardly think "16 Missing Bitches" is worthy of such company, but I'm deeply appreciative!


  1. Those poor kids. They wrote all those types of Bitches and you're getting all the glory. Anyways, congratulations on the show!

  2. They wrote the types of bitches but Colby made the video. It´s a totally different work ;)

    People loved the video, congrats.

    Greeting from Anal Mag

  3. Hola Colby!
    Que agradable sorpresa recibir tu obra artistica en el Museo del Chopo!

    Besos! ^.^