Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There's been quite a bit of construction happening along the East Coast Amtrak lines this spring and summer and on a recent train trip, I took a quick photo of a man-sized mound of dirt that looked oddly like an anthill and decided to draw it. I'm still working on my long term 24 hour clock painting project but I just couldn't NOT draw this big pile of dirt!

Her'e a couple of snapshots of my drawing in process:


  1. That's the most beautifullest dirt I ever saw.

  2. This is great! I totally agree with that kind of idea... Coincidence, i've done the same a few days ago, "my" amount of dirt looked like a human silhouette.

    Finally i was not satisfied with a simple drawing. I started to draw a dress pattern, my idea is to use only dirt or very dirty materials to sew this dress, then install it on a mannequin somewhere and let it disappear slowly. I'll try to take the same picture of the dress each day, to create a stop-motion movie of the deconstruction process.

  3. Harvey Walker: That's kind of been done with the meat dress-a dress sewn out of strips of (sirloin, I believe) and allowed to rot on a dresser's dummy.

    But really, what's truly new under the sun? Only old songs sung in new ways.

    Colby if you become a famous artist will you stay in porn? Please?

  4. Sorry Harvey, that was meant for anonymous.

  5. @ Theodore Labadie :

    Thanks, I did not knew that a "meat dress" has already been made ! I suppose the artist's name is Jana Sterbak, thanks to Google. Her work is very interesting to my eyes, and makes me think of something between Javier Perez, Bill Viola and Annette Messager.
    I'd like to detail more about my feelings concerning Jana Sterbak's work, but unfortunately i cannot make myself clear enough in English, sorry.
    Anyway, I owe you this discovery, so once more : thanks!

    Sorry for flooding your topic, Colby!

  6. Oooh, I don't know who those peeps are.

    Ditto for the hijacking, I wanted to say that I actually really like your picture Colby. It looks like some apocalyptic trash nest or patchwork volcano.

  7. That new Art reality show starts on Bravo tonight @ 11.