Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A post from the field where Bryan has a Colby Doppelganger sighting in San Francisco:

"Just like a secret agent man -- traveling from the Fairy Village aat SF Pride's 40th Anniversary to New York City Subways.

I went to SF Pride yesterday. From afar I thought this guy was you, but it wasn't. Over the blaring drag queen music I cupped my hands over this guy's ear and asked, 'Do you know who Colby Keller is?' He didn't, so I explained to him that you were my favorite porn star-cum-artist, and that I would like to take a picture with him. I'm certain he and his boy with beard friend will be looking you up soon....

I've also attached a photo of the Louis Vuitton window display at Bloomingdale's SF, just because it's pretty. Happy Pride Month!"

Thanks, Bryan for your great detective work and the photos!!!

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