Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I recently went hiking with some friends at a park near Washington, D.C. called Turkey Run. It's a beautiful site tucked north of the city on the Potomac River (you know, the one George Washington could throw a stone across). I saw some great toads and a black snake and the weather was beautiful. I also saw a hilarious sign.

According to my friends, Turkey Run used to be (and still is to a degree) an active site for men meeting men in the parking lot and running off to have sex in the woods together. We actually did see several men sitting solo in their cars watching us carefully as we headed off for our hike, and they all had one thing in common. They had parked front end only. We spent the first several minutes of our hike thinking about sign as a way of trying to curtail public sex. The idea is of course that you can't watch (as easily) people heading into the park parking lot to check out your next hot trick or maybe that you can't escape as easily in the event of a raid. But, really...does it actually work??? What kind of law enforcement meetings must those be like?


  1. "Front End Parking Only" is clearly promoting oral sex. I wonder if there's a sign for "Rear End Parking Only"

  2. The most likely reason this is required is so law enforcement can sweep through the lots and take pictures of the license plates of the vehicles parked there.