Monday, June 14, 2010


So, my friends and I roasted another pig from a local farm. This one was really big - 100lbs and it went really well. We built a pit with cinder blocks in our alley, marinated the pig with olive oil and garlic, used our specially-fashioned-by-the-local-bike-shop rebar cage for roasting, and invited WAY TOO MANY people with digital recording devices of some sort. Once it was finished, we paraded the cooked pig around the block once it was finished. I wish 2010 were the year of the PIG 'cause I totally recommend everyone try this by saying "Let's make this the year of the pig" but I think it's the dragon...right? Anyway, it was way more fun than a sex party!


  1. Dear Colby,

    I've had roasted pig like that at Twelfth Night celebrations -- it's DELICIOUS! Our pigs were considerably larger than that, they had to serve 300 people or more.

    But there's nothing to beat the taste of freshly-roasted pig!

    Hope you had a blast!

  2. Gross, but yummy! If I knew people doing that I would just show up at the eatin' part! hahaha!

  3. Scott & Rich (cnjcubcouple)June 14, 2010 at 4:34 PM

    Oh my god that looks incredible.

  4. A man willing to deal with a whole pig? Sexy. You might look into cochinita pibil (or puerco pibil). It's a Yucatecan preparation of pork in a pit.

  5. As far as the current Chinese zodiac animal designation, Feb 14 2010 - Feb 2 2011 is the year of the Tiger.

    Hmmm.... given recent events, I suppose Year of the Tiger could be a time to act like a pig.