Saturday, June 5, 2010


Thanks so much to the boys at RAW in DC for throwing such a fun party and giving me the opportunity to really...engage with their guests. To the many many many fannys I smacked, thanks for was fun.

Guests had three "raw" hand, a "perfect paddle" as tested scientifically by people in the BDSM community, or my rolled up New Yorker....most people took the hand. I even spanked the hottie lesbian DJ Herlinda who claimed it made her nips hard!

Hopefully, we'll get another spanking station somewhere else soon...


  1. the New Yorker sounds KINKY!

  2. I love the crown. Hope you didn't leave any permanent marks on anyone.

  3. "I love the crown."

    Don't forget the glasses! Nothing says kink better than SJR glasses!

  4. Your penmanship is horrible, Colby.

    Don't like that?
    Yea, that wasn't a very nice thing to say...

    I deserve a spanking.

  5. Your full beard is Hot! Very Burger King ;)