Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Does anyone else work in their underwear? I have to say that one of the best parts of working in my studio/apartment on my own art is that I can wear whatever I want (even if that's nothing). My favorite work ensemble is of course, underwear...or when it's chilly, my underwear and a shirt. I'm incredibly productive in this attire. It makes me wonder how productive people would be in corporate America if they felt the same freedom of dress. Some people would probably thrive...but I bet they wouldn't be the people who are thriving now. Maybe???


  1. i love to wear only a white t-whirt nothing else, i love the movemen of mi penis jumping around when i walk hahaha

  2. Hmmm... 2nd pic kinda makes me want to shove a cat in her bra. Also makes me think of melons.

  3. I work in boxers or light cotton pants or nothing at all at home. Right now I'm working in my office in boxers, which sometimes means awkward delay when someone knocks at the door, but there's not much of anyone around on these hot summer days.
    I had a residency this summer where I had a house to myself, and could walk around naked even outside. Nice to walk naked in the rain and in the evening.
    Anyway, I feel like I've done a lot of my best writing while underdressed for company, which just makes sense to me. Of course a friend of mine who's a very good writers works in underwear or nude and feels himself up pretty much the whole time--he thinks staying excited keeps him in touch with his sources of creativity.

  4. Well, I work at home and I'm almost always in my underwear when I work. Usually have a pair of pants and shirt nearby just in case someone knocks on my door. And sometimes it takes a lot of will-power to keep on workin' what with internet distractions and my nearly naked self ;)

    It's too ruddy hot for clothes right now anyhow!