Monday, July 12, 2010


If big shoes are good for one thing. . . its stomping.

Just ask my poor downstairs neighbor! Anyone who knows me, knows the sound of my approach first. For one lucky pornstar, big feet (and their ability to crush anything beneath them) introduced me to one surprisingly enjoyable yet particularly confounding fetish.

Several years back, bored and surfing an online hookup site, I opened my empty inbox to discover an urgent message from a 19 year old hunk trapped in the suburbs. Believe it or not, I don't get a lot of responses from this particular online site, so I was initially a little shocked. I didn't believe the boy was real: 6'2", 19 years old, legitimate fratboy, complete with 6 pack and an enormous python of a cock--10 inches long at least and wrist thick.

Needless to say, young, hung fratboys don't usually exist in the real world let alone proposition me for sex. The kid was not only interested, but eager enough to drive an hour to meet me. . . a new one for Mr. Keller. And surprise! Exactly an hour later I get a knock on my door! And he's real!

Of course there was a sticking point, so to speak. Turns out he isn't interested in me so much as my size 15s. And, sadly, he doesn't fuck. He's still waiting for Mr./Ms. Right before he'll do anal. What he does want, is to get stomped.

After making sure that I thoroughly wash my feet with soap and hot water, we both tentatively removed each others clothes. He lay down on the bed below me and indicated that I should do the same. He wanted me to completely cover his face with both my feet. No sooner did my toes hit his forehead, then his whole body buckled, both eyes rolled back, his cock stiffened. He began to frantically jack off, sucking my toes first, then briefly up to my cock and back down again. He then asked if I would stand on his chest with my full weight on top of him. It took about 3 seconds before my calf was drenched in cum.

We've since met a few more times, usually on school holidays, when he was home at his parents. No amount of pleading or sly attempts at flirtation brought me any closer to big boy sex. Not as a top. Not as a bottom. Now he is 22, and just graduated school with a cushy job at a major bank. He confessed that his attraction to big feel lies in the erotic implications of being crushed. He fantasizes about being stomped to orgasm. Its strange for me to feel desired for such an quotidian part of my body. My feet are the one aspect of my body that pushes me outside the range of average. And for at least for one horny frat boy, thats a plus. Word on the street is that he's found a size 18. Looks like my foot fetish days are numbered.

The following are a few pics we took from one of our first hookups. Enjoy the possibilities. :-)


  1. Ho.Ly. Fuck.

    That is pretty fucking hot! I myself would be crushed underneath your size 15 feet!

  2. Oh my god...I'm in love! Imagining a tag team by the two of you oils HOT! ;D

  3. Damn iPhone spellcheck! :(

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  7. The big feet myth is just that: A myth. Bullshit. I have average/little feet. ^_~ And I know other guys with the same, who aren't average at all. Also, that's not 10". Maybe 8.5" or so, but not 10". I used to work for a surveying company, so don't lie, or I'll know.

    And oh, "Trapped in the suburbs"? Trapped in Kansas is one thing, but gee whiz, boo hoo, cry me a fucking river. He has a car, right? And if he doesn't, he HAS friends who do. (No gay male that age who looks like THAT couldn't have a friend with a car.) Drive, asshole!

    Also, if he's hung like that and won't let anyone touch it, you know what that makes him? An asshole with baggage. No, seriously. It may take a bf or two before it pops up, but it will. A boyfriend's going to want oral, and he IS going to want to give oral to that thing. I mean, look at it. Its rediculous.

  8. OMG!!! that is a big big.. feet
    i think the most sexiest part of a man are their feet, and big feets are big fun!!!
    just love it i dunno why but is a fetiche to me

  9. Nice kid, for sure, but very nice photographs, too.

    I like your blog very much.

  10. I just have to say

    that is a cute blanket

  11. Your feet are far from the only above average thing about you, Colby. There's your art, your writing, your sense of humor, your charm; and if we're sticking to the body (what a lovely idea) your handsome face would be up there in the list of better than run of the mill attributes.

    I think the sexiest part of a man is his neck, especially below the jawline on either side. I don't know why but it always seems such an intimate place; it's where he does or doesn't shave, where a stray hair or even a tiny pimple might have escaped his morning grooming, where he's awfully sensitive to a kiss. It's where he's not always perfect and the one reliably exposed part of his skin that only his closest family or intimate may touch him. It's the axis along which his heart nourishes his mind and his mind communicates to his body. It's where his tie tightens and where his lover will straighten the tie and fuss with his collar. It's where you can drape a scarf around him and make sure he's wrapped up against the wind.

    When a man lets me touch him there I know I've got a connection with him.

  12. for a guy who drove an hour to meet you-- you didn't really take advantage of the situation. I would have told him no anal/no fucking at all. If he didn't agree then on the way he goes.

  13. Yeah, this kid is sane and healthy. Never mind that placing hundreds of pounds directly on the lungs is the same basic method of stoning a person to death and the kid's as sweet as apple pie.

    On a lighter note, Archer has a similar fetish:

  14. I live in the DC suburbs too and have played with this boy countless times, he'd be PISSED if he knew you posted this. He's a really nice kid, he's also VERY private. You should take his pics down.

  15. Beyond incredible!!! I love the fact that there are folks out there that do love to have their fantasies lived out by men that are kind enough to accommodate them!! You're the best, Colby!!!