Friday, July 16, 2010


So, you guys may have heard of Massive Studios. It was bought in the past couple years by Falcon Studios and some of the work I've done for them is now available on the Falcon website. The best way to find John Bruno's awesome work with Massive, would be to click on the banner to the right for Laid Off by Mustang and to use the Falcon Search Engine to look up "Colby Keller" and a few of the scenes will come up, including this one I did recently with Brandon Bangs. He was quite the hottie and the red heads have been turning my heads ever since. See what happens when ginger and fire crotch cum together...

"When I throw a relative rookie like Brandon Bangs in with a seasoned performer like Colby Keller, I just hold my breath and hope for the best. Luckily these two connected right away and played to each other’s sexual palates. Their scene begins kinda sweet with the two of them making out like horny teenagers before Brandon grabs a hold of Colby’s thick cock and sucks in a mouthful. Colby is soon returning the favor, clamping his lips tight around his buddy’s uncut dick relishing its girth and the fleshy overlap on the tip. Then Colby kneels before the divine altar of Brandon’s bunghole and dives tongue-first into the sacred crack. He digs in deep as Brandon feels every lick, both men moaning with pleasure. Brandon then gets in position and drills Colby’s hole with his tool, doing such a good job that the big man is beggin’ for more. Ready to finish up, Brandon and Colby stand side by side and stroke themselves off, proudly unloading two hefty shots of cum."


  1. Well damn. The way that is described...I have to see it.