Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry for the delay in postings. I've been pretty busy this summer already. In fact a lot of my time has been devoted to making my own work and helping a few different people/groups with some video projects. I'm a self-taught editer with some Final Cut Pro skills and thus am always getting roped into crazy projects with/for people.

One project in particular is kind of exciting. I'm helping some friends develop some video art vignettes for an event they're hosting at the Hirshorn Museum in Washington, D.C. at the end of the month. Coupled with Anal Magazine's presentation of "16 Missing Bitches" in Mexico City last month, I'll have had video art in two of the three national capitals from NAFTA (What's up, Canada? Where's the love?) this summer.

During the filming yesterday, the "performers" were complaining about the heat of the lamps a bit and I was able to sympathize and shut them up at the same time by reminding 'em that porn shoots require that you have sex in those hot lights. And the shoots last much, much longer than their vignettes. That seemed to appease them a bit, though I'm not sure if they were less concerned about the light or distracted by the the idea of having sex...

I love being in charge...


  1. Nice way to put things into perspective...

  2. Just come on up over to Montreal, Colby, and I'll show you the love! ..

  3. Congratulations, Colby, on both your museum "exposures" this summer!

    I think you're one terrific fellow, a fine artist, and a VERY sexy man!

    Kansas City is the "heart" of the U.S., so if you're planning to be here, I'll show you the love, too!

  4. Seriously, those are some of the sexiest pics I've ever seen of you! You belong behind a camera! Maybe we'll see a lil directing in your future?!? ;)

  5. Ah yes, the struggle of figuring out which side of the camera you're supposed to be on!

    Are you sure it wasn't you in general distracting them and not just the idea of having sex? ;)

  6. Sweet! I'll be in DC most likely at that time... be sure to post the date for this event. ..

    oh btw, I think they were really distracted by having to look the nice way your junk seems to sit in those jeans while filming.. then they thought about sex. LOL

  7. stop being so hot and sexy! you are killing me!