Monday, September 26, 2011


In anticipation of the second anniversary of Big Shoe Diaries, we're plowing through the annals of the blog and re-posting some of our favorite moments.   Remember the waterpark?  Remember the clam?  Remember Boticelli? Remember J. Bone's rendition?  Fan-boy Grant remembers and shares his memory with the first (that we know of) ever Colby tattoo. 

Colby Forever? Well, a great guy and fan, Grant decided to get a Colby tattoo featuring the work of J. Bone. He sent some awesome pics and has a great write-up about the experience on his uber cool blog! Not to suggest that he's the masturbating type, but I think he'll be cumming all over me a lot...and that makes me happy. ;) It looks really cool, Grant! Way to go!!!
Finally, Thursday saw me walking with great trepidation to that Tattoo Parlour to get number five. The artwork, a portrait of porn star Colby Keller as Botticelli's Venus by artist J. Bone, was selected after I emailed both the artist and the model to ask permission to have it permanently etched on my forearm. Both guys were kind enough to give their blessing, and so two hours after walking into the studio, I have a brand new tattoo I am absolutely in love with. I've been attempting to come up with a "reason" to supply people with when I'm asked the inevitable "Why did you get that permanently drilled into your flesh?" - but I don't really have anything satisfactory. I mean, I think Colby is remarkably beautiful and he seems to be a really sweet guy on his Blog, and I've been a huge fan of J's work for a while now: but ultimately I got it done because I love the image itself."


  1.'s that make you feel Colby?

  2. Hmmmm. Not sure how I would take such admiration.