Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So, my friend Greg Endries is working on a new project for Scum Bag Fag Mag that features all sorts of photos of naked men, each dissected into strips so one can "make their perfect man" and there will now be parts of Colby available in the mix. Sounds like a fun project and I like what SBFM has done so far....

"scum bag fag mag is an independent gay art publication with varying themes and artists. each issue is unique and hand made by loving faggots that want to spread their perverted thoughts on love and life through pages of sexual exploits,bodily fluids and laughter."


  1. Are you flat footed? You look like your ankles are curving in a little. You may want to look into it to avoid foot problems later on in life. You look great though.

  2. that drawing is fucking tits!
    omg, and I had to add this in to my comment:
    the "security phrase" I was told to type in order to post this comment was "nyhotpoop"