Sunday, September 19, 2010


Every Sunday I make myself a new playlist before I head off to work for the week. I thought I'd share my most recent mix with the blog. Don't expect a consistent theme (though Islam, sex and space have their presence in more than a few songs). WARNING: a few tracks might challenge your average listener. If you don't like children or computers be forewarned.

1. Bismillah --Kids Of SA
2. Animals Love Qur'an --Dawud Wharns
(An opening salvo to the Qur'an burning/mosque controversy. . . )

3. Home --Edward Sharpe
4. Pick a trick --In Flagranti
5. Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) --BreakBot
5. El arabi --Mariem Hassan
(Mariem Hassan is the most talented Blues musician alive! Definitely worth checking out)

6. Farewell to Wendo (Brontosaurus Maximus Remix) --Mock & Toof
7. In My Spaceship (Jan Turkenburg "Superchill" Mix) --Jan Turkenburg
8. Movement --Mothboy
9. Hot, Raw, Sex --Jimmy Edgar
10. The Feminine Man (feat. Chloe) --Danton Eeprom
11. Never Sure --Karaocake
12. Let's Go Surfing --The Drums
13. Fight For Me --Wildbirds & Peacedrums
14. Windowdipper --Jib Kidder
(This last track might challenge most listeners. Don't freak out! Its not your computer)

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  1. THIS what those guys with headphones on the subway are listening to? Hmmmm....