Monday, September 13, 2010


I was on my Sunday stroll this week when a sudden realization hit me. . . There is one phallus I wake up to every morning that I haven't even thought to post: Baltimore's own Washington monument, the first in the nation.

George solemnly sits atop, toga be-decked, his outstretched arm offering a large scroll, his hand conveniently positioned about waist high. . . I guess they don't call him the Father of the Nation for nothing.

Right around the corner is another statue, this one of Chief Justice Taney of the Supreme Court, also fondling a large scroll in his lap.

Just in case George and Taney need assistance dictating their important federal statutes, four Chelsea queens stand guard around the plaza: Order, Force, War, and Peace. . . . with a little added 19th century pederasty to make us all feel especially uncomfortable.

Maybe Baltimore is really just one large homoerotic-Masonic cock-shrine?


  1. ...and dare i say it, almost pedophillic.

  2. personaly i dont feel very atracted to boys, but to adult men